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PC-based numerical control with 22” flat screen, Windows 10 operating system and cutting optimizer software. Top 4-axis CNC controller (TPA). 3D software in real-time. It shows the user how to load and turn the panels.

Fast, precise, Win 10 controller, User friendly, Local / Online Optimisation. Suitable for cutting all types of sheet material.


HERMES 70L CNC. The ideal solution for every company. Robust construction, fast speeds, easy use, 5-axis controller, 3D real-time visualization, professional optimizer and many other features. The game changer in the category of 70-75 mm blade projection!


Prima is the series of smallest automatic single-sided edgebanders among those made by BI-MATIC. An entry-level without compromises and with high-quality materials.


It does not matter what the material of the edge to be applied, the type of glue, co-extruded edge, with the Prima Plus series by BI-MATIC we want to respond to customer needs to create quality furnishings.

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About Carrickstack

Over 20 years of industrial engineering experience
We have for over 20 years been supplying and servicing new and secondhand machines. Online support, hands-on help, Site repair or retrofitting are offered. We specialise in sawing and edgebanding machines, breakdown and repair.


Atlas 100


Beam saws For Sale

Beam saws are a powerful and versatile cutting tool used in woodworking and plastics industry. These industrial-grade saws feature a large, horizontal cutting blade mounted on a robust beam, allowing them to make precise and straight cuts through a wide range of materials, including timber, plywood, MDF, and more.


Prima Plus

Prima Challenge

Edge Banders For Sale

Italian finishing at its best. Polished finished edging from top-class machine engineering, tooling and touchscreen technology ensuring a professional furniture-grade look.


Q: Can you repair our machine, we didn’t buy it from you.
A: Yes, we offer a comprehensive service repair service to all customers.
Q: Can you supply new as well as used machines.
A: Yes, due to our close working relations with partners in Germany we can supply all types of new and used machines with all the relevant specifications and data.

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